1979 july ocean pines.jpg


i was born and raised in the suburbs of washington d.c., and from a young age had eyes on places west of the mississippi. i became interested in photography in the early 1990’s and was soon drawn to unremarkable wilderness corridors—the places where maps offered little if any information. these spaces demand research to learn what, if anything, one might find there, and generally benefit those who learn the history of its use in earlier times. today my interest in history and place drives the work i do with photography, and encourages my taking an active role as a traveler in the landscape.

in the mid-1990s my work with photography led me to explore nineteenth-century photographic processes and formulas. i found the possibilities of platinum/palladium printing were a good fit with the large format cameras i was also beginning to use. these tools formed the basis of my work and continue to drive the photographs i make today.